Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Our testing and Quality Assurance services go hand in hand with the development process. We provide application testing at every stage of the software development, to make sure that your project is ready for production.

Testing and QA Solutions

ISTQB certified engineers

Most of our testers are ISTQB certified, which means that they are trained with the best practices. We strive to follow clear internal processes, to make sure knowledge is passed between developers and tester. Having proper training and clear processes is key for any successful IT project.

Manual testing or automated testing

Most of the testing can be done both manually and automated. Which direction we go depends on budget, time constraints and the particularities of your project. If we need automated testing every project is first tested manually and our test analysts produce test case documentation, which is then used to automate each test scenario.

Types of testing we perform

The testing is done depending on the project stage and the functionality that is being implemented. We do functional testing to make sure each new functionality works as expected, we do regression testing to ensure that new development doesn’t break anything that was previously working, we do integration testing to make sure that your project communicates with the 3rd party correctly and more.

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Case Study

Markets World

Building a real-time online binary options trading platform


What is the cost model?

The QA engineers are usually assigned as dedicated testers, using the IT Staff Augmentation model or part of a Dedicated team. So you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee. For smaller project, the allocation can be part time (2 – 4 hours / day).

Will the testers work only on my project?

It depends. With a Dedicated Team, the answer is yes. This means the testers will work full time on your project. If you don’t require a full time QA engineer, than we can go with a time and material model, where we’ll invoice the actual time spent by our team on your project.

What type of projects can I have tested?

Any web or mobile application. Depending on budget and time constraints, we can go with automated tests or manual testing.

How technical should I be to work with you?

The simple fact that you are reading this means that you have enough technical knowledge to work with us 🙂 Joke aside, we can work both with companies that have internal tech people, where our team is managed by technical leads from the client, and by companies without any technical knowledge. You’ll have a technical project manager that will help you navigate your project.

Why Romania is a good place to look for IT consulting?

Romania is located in Eastern Europe and is part of the European Union since 2000. Romania has the 6th population in Europe and is home to over 150,000 IT professionals and is the fastest growing IT market in Europe.

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Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

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