Your Nearshore Development Center in Eastern Europe

Hire your own remote team of dedicated IT engineers. It’s like your own branch, but without the hassle. We take care of legal and administrative issues, HR and accounting, so you can focus on the best part: build awesome products and services

Nearshore Development Center Features

It’s fully yours

All the developers are specifically hired for you. We work with you to design the team structure, to create the job descriptions and to search and hire new people for your team. You are in control of filtering the candidates, interviewing them and even salary negotiations. We can help, of course, with any of these steps.

No administrative hassle

We’ll handle all non-technical aspects: legal and administrative work related to the new entity, accounting and financial / tax obligations, payroll, HR-related administrative work. You can also delegate to us anything you are not able to do yourself, like creating job profiles, filtering and interviewing candidates or day to day management of the team.

A technical partner gives you flexibility

On top of that, you have a technical partner at your side. You can use any of our services and you’ll have access to our team of experts, so you can speed up your development work or when a specific technical skill is only required for a limited time.

Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

Case Study

Markets World

Building a real-time online binary options trading platform

Remote Development Center FAQ

Will this be a separate company?

Yes. Under the Development Center model, we’ll create a new company which you’ll own. All the people we hire will be hired under this new company and Romania’s employee legal rights must be observed. You can appoint us to represent you using a Power of Attorney.

How does BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer) model works?

When you decide that you no longer need help with the administration of the company, you can take over the company. This usually happens after a minimum period of time, once the team is stable.

How is this different than a Dedicated Team?

The main difference is that it’s a separate company, so all developers are hired on this company and they are aware that they are hired as your employees. You have the responsibility to respect the employee rights under the Romanian Employment and Labour legislation. You can also negotiate the salaries directly with the developers.

What is the cost model?

It’s very simple and transparent. You will cover the initial fees for opening the company. After that we’ll chage a fixed monthly fee per employee that covers everything related to the company and employees work. If you decide to take over the administration of the company before the minimum period we agree by contract, we’ll charge a transfer / success fee.

Where will my developers be located?

Your call. We can take care of that and use our locations (no extra costs) or you can decide to rent a separate office, in which case you’ll have to cover all the expenses related to the new office.

How can I reduce or increase the team size?

Reducing the team size has to respect the Romanian Labour legislation. We can legally assist you with that. Increasing the team size can be done in two ways: for permanent roles, we just hire a new team member. For temporary work you can use our services.

Why Romania is a good place for Nearshore Development Centers?

Romania is located in Eastern Europe and is part of the European Union since 2000. Romania has the 6th population in Europe and is home to over 150,000 IT professionals and is the fastest growing IT market in Europe. Companies like IBM, Microsoft or Amazon have opened development centers in Romania, so you’ll be in good company.

Ready to build your team?

Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

What happens after you get in touch?

  • Quick call to clarify your requirements
  • Receive a personalised proposal
  • Select developers and build your team