Mobile Apps Development Solutions

Nowadays, mobile is the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information. Businesses should be prepared to engage their users on the go. We’ve delivered maintainable and high-performing apps for both iOS and Android across phones, tables or wearables.

Mobile Apps Development Features

iOS mobile development

Our team has a great experience with iOS apps, always up-to-date, and can implement the latest technologies from Apple. We have built apps integrated with Home Kit, Apple Health and Apple Watch.

Android mobile development

Android apps are recommended for businesses reaching out to the largest pool of buyers and in our experience Android apps are developed hand in hand or immediately after iOS. Even if challenging due to the great variety of devices, our Android apps make use of best practices like Material design to offer a great experience.

Create a multi-channel experience

Most of the time, your mobile app is not a standalone application. A mobile app can complement an existing web application, giving users mobility and allowing them to acces your services on the go.

Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

Case Study

Markets World

Building a real-time online binary options trading platform


What is the cost model?

We can work both using a Dedicated Team model or using time & material. It all depends on your requirements and how do you prefer to balance your involvement with ours.

Will the developers work only on my project?

It depends. With a Dedicated Team, the answer is yes. This means the developer will work full time on your project. If you don’t require a full time developer, than we can go with a time and material model, where we’ll invoice the actual time spent by our team on your project.

What type of projects can I build with the Mobile Apps Development service?

Any kind of mobile apps: experience apps, health and wellness tracking apps, tools for mobile workers, booking and reservation systems, branded mobile apps etc.

How technical should I be to work with you?

The simple fact that you are reading this means that you have enough technical knowledge to work with us 🙂 Joke aside, we can work both with companies that have internal tech people, where our team is managed by technical leads from the client, and by companies without any technical knowledge. You’ll have a technical project manager that will help you navigate your project.

How do you handle intellectual property rights?

First of all, Romania has a modern legislation, aligned with the European Union legislation, which oversees all commercial activities. To cover all the legal aspects of our collaboration, we use the standard set of documents: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW). Besides this, to make sure we offer the best possible services and a high level of security in place, we are certified with both ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. Our developers will only have access to your private and confidential data if they need to and this is always covered by an NDA (ours or yours).

Why Romania is a good place to look for mobile apps development?

Romania is located in Eastern Europe and is part of the European Union since 2000. Romania has the 6th population in Europe and is home to over 150,000 IT professionals and is the fastest growing IT market in Europe.

Ready to build your team?

Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

What happens after you get in touch?

  • Quick call to clarify your requirements
  • Receive a personalised proposal
  • Select developers and build your team