Dedicated Software Development Team

Get an agile, dedicated development team, adjusted to your requirements in terms of size, technology stack, competency and used methodology

Features of a Dedicated Team

Dedicated full-time engineers

All software developers and IT specialists allocated to your team will work full time on your projects. Whether they are selected from our internal talent pool or we need to hire new people specifically to your requirements, they become a true part of your team.

Full control and easy management

Your remote team will work as a part of your onsite team, reporting directly to you. And while most of our developers are used to work without constant supervision, it’s your team and you have total control of managing their backlog. If you need, we can appoint a project manager that can handle the communication between you and the team.

Flexibility and scalability

You can scale up and down your team size, with reasonable notice, without worrying about the firing process. Moreover, you can reconfigure the team when the project priorities require new competencies. As a direct benefit of our collaboration you can get in touch with our various experts for very specific problems or requests.

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Delivering loyalty solutions to world’s leading brands with a Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team FAQ

How do you guarantee the quality of work of the Dedicated Team?

First of all, our selection process makes sure we lower the risks of choosing candidates that do not match the profile for your project. We filter an interview them, you can also do it.

After they are selected, the same as with any own employee, developers need some time to learn a new project and get accustomed to your way of working.

Even if we take all these steps, it might still happen from time to time to realise that someone is not the best fit for the team. If for any reason you believe one of the team members is underperforming, we’ll offer a valid replacement. This happens very rarely.

How do you handle intellectual property rights?

First of all, Romania has a modern legislation, aligned with the European Union legislation, which oversees all commercial activities. To cover all the legal aspects of our collaboration, we use the standard set of documents: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW). Besides this, to make sure we offer the best possible services and a high level of security in place, we are certified with both ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. Our developers will only have access to your private and confidential data if they need to and this is always covered by an NDA (ours or yours).

How will I manage my Dedicated Team?

Well, it’s your team so it’s up to you! A dedicated team will adapt easily to you ways of working and communication channels so they will work as part of your onsite team. The world has shifted to a more flexible working model, with remote and home offices a part of life for most companies. So take advantage of this trend and treat your dedicated team exactly how you would treat your own employees. This works best.

Why Romania is a good place to look for a dedicated team?

Romania is located in Eastern Europe and is part of the European Union since 2000. Romania has the 6th population in Europe and is home to over 150,000 IT professionals and is the fastest growing IT market in Europe.

How to choose a technical partner for my Dedicated Team?

The most crucial thing is that you and your technical partner have the same mindset and compatible ways of working. So this isn’t a situation of finding the best IT company in the world to have as a technical partner, instead you must find the IT company that is best for you. Our recommendation is to (a) make a lists of must haves and filter the initial list of companies based on that and (b) do due diligence with your possible partners and this is best with a light RFP process. These are the steps to take:

  • Analyze your company needs and create the RFP document
  • Make a list of candidate companies and send them the RFP to respond
  • Hold follow up interviews with shortlisted companies
  • Make the decision, but start with a trial period

Ready to build your team?

Grow your team and expand your development capabilities with a nearshore dedicated team

What happens after you get in touch?

  • Quick call to clarify your requirements
  • Receive a personalised proposal
  • Select developers and build your team