Mobile app MVP

Get your app idea to the market with minimum investment, so you can start getting real feedback from actual users.

The 3 main reasons to start with a MVP are:

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a less complex version of your desired product that still has enough of the core features to test if the idea is viable in the market.

Building a lighter version of your idea can save up to 75% of the cost for a full featured app, it allows you to launch the app in less than 50% of the time and, most important, it allows you room to fail and pivot after your idea is validated by the users.

Once your idea is tested by real users, you can apply the learnings and continue building the full features or you adjust to feedback and change course.

What can we build for you

Community apps

Whether you have a big organization and you need a way to keep everyone informed or you manage a network of people (or companies) in a specific industry, a mobile app for members to interact with each other will bring value.

E-commerce on the go

Do you have a retail shop or an online shop? Keep your customers engage and increase their loyalty with a mobile app. A mobile app allows your customers to shop on the go, receive personalized content, be instantly notified on special offers or a change in order status.

On demand platforms

On demand services are exploding and there are a lot of opportunities to add value in a lot of industries, like health, entertainment or travel. Think Uber for X.

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